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We offer prompt and professional ski and snowboard service .we work with perfection and the latest technology. Our newly equipped workshop with the latest “Wintersteiger” grinding robots gives the ski again the right twist and you optimal skiing pleasure.

The commercial purposes of this company include

  1. commerce involving goods of all kinds, in particular retail business involving sporting goods and sports clothing;
  2. rental of sporting goods and sports clothing;
  3. provision of services associated with sporting goods;
  4. operation of ski depots;
  5. provision of advice and consulting services, in particular related to commerce in sporting goods and tourism;
  6. the undertaking of all transactions, business practices and measures that appear necessary in order to achieve the commercial purpose, in particular
  7. the acquisition, leasing or leasing out of companies, investment in other businesses and companies, as well as takeover of the executive leadership and representation of such businesses and companies;
  8. the establishment and operation of branch businesses as well as business premises both domestically and abroad, and
  9. takeover of pertinent commercial agencies;
  10. as well as the operation of restaurants. 


Ski & Snowboard
Service Siegfried
At the Platzl 16/E –
I – 39050 Obereggen


Telefon/Fax: 0471-615800

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Siegfried Ability